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Boost sales, enhance lead generation, and automate customer support with a custom ChatGPT chatbot powered by your data. Embed it on your website, WhatsApp, or Instagram and let it respond with accurate human-like answers 24/7.

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Instantly answer questions with your Al chatbot

Your ChatGPT-powered chatbot understands and responds to customer queries using your data, providing precise answers instantly regardless of the language or the customer's time zone.
reduce of support queries
leads and appointments
agent productivity

Capture more leads and accelerate sales

Collect leads and gather your customer's data, all while providing a personalized experience.Your Al chatbot can assist with distributing coupons, qualifying leads, and making appointments.
A multilingual sales assistant that helps in the purchasing process and leads to submitting applications, making appointments, or purchasing on the site.
Built-in lead forms with name, email, and phone number, with export to CSV or any
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Get a custom ChatGPT for your website in minutes


Import your custom knowledge to the chatbot

Ordemio automatically gathers data and extracts knowledge from 25+ data sources such as your website, files, Google Docs, YouTube, and many others, ensuring that the ChatGPT agents respond with the most up-to-date accurate answers.

Build and customize your Al chatbot

Customize your chatbot's role, tone, and style, and write custom instructions to give it a specific behaviour and personality. You can either choose one of our pre-built roles for your assistant-customer support, sales manager, or consultant-or set up your own prompt to create an assistant tailored to your needs.

Connect the chatbot to over 5000 apps or to your API so it can respond with the customer's name, purchasing history, and other information.

Match your brand's style and website

Make your chatbot blend into your website with custom colors and logos. Personalize it with a welcome message and match your brand by adding avatars. Make the embedded chatbot widget more noticeable by adding a popup bubble.

Embed GPT on your website and beyond

Add your Al-powered chatbot to your website with a single line of code. You can also integrate it with your tools, share it with a link, or add it to WhatsApp, Instagram, Slack, or Discord.

The website chatbot comes in two forms: a pop-up located in the corner of the screen or a chat frame that you can embed anywhere on your page. Additionally, you can share the chatbot using a link with a custom domain.

The Ordemio API, along with Zapier and Albato integrations, makes it easy to integrate the Al chatbot into your products and third-party systems.

Analyze a chatbot performance and gain valuable insights

Monitor all interactions between your customers and your chatbot. Utilize robust analytics to gain insights into customer inquiries and improve your products and support services. Your Al chatbot provides daily reports, highlighting key conversation topics and new leads gathered.

Discover why people choose Ordemio

Everything you need out of Custom ChatGPT chatbot
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Multiple Data Sources. Import data from 25+ data sources to train your chatbot. Al chatbot is always synced with the data.
Customizations. Customize your chatbot's look and feel to match your brand's style and website design.
Powerful Al Models. Choose from a variety of Al models, including GPT-40.
95+ Languages. Reach your customers in their native language even if your data is in a different language.
Smart Routing to Email or Live chat. Let your Al chatbot call in a human if it can't answer all your queries.
Detailed Analytics Reporting.Unlock user insights by monitoring the quality of user conversations, advanced Al summaries, and topic classifications.

Works with all your favorite tools and platforms

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Here are some of the ways you can use Ordemio

With our user-friendly interface, creating and tailoring your Al chatbot is now simpler and quicker than ever.

Customer Support

Enjoy fast query solutions available around the clock, offering personalized support designed specifically for your customers.

Lead Generation

Configure your chatbot to gather leads and qualify them, all while providing apersonalized experience to your customers.

AI Chatbots for Teams

Create Al chatbots for internal use to enhance your team's productivity. Set up an HR or IT support chatbot, or a Q&A bot in your Slack that performs using your data.

The enterprise AI platform, secure and scalable

Data Encryption

All your data secured using AES-256 encryption protocol at rest and in transit (TLS 1.3.).

On-Premise Deployment

Ordemio can be self-hosted on your own servers or VPC, giving you complete control over your data.

Dedicated Infrastructure

AI models run with the highest levels of privacy and security with Azure OpenAI and AWS Bedrock.

Simple and clear pricing for businesses of all sizes

Fair pricing with no limits. You only pay for what you use.
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1 chatbot
30 messages/month
300,000 data characters
Up to 10 URLs
Manual data sync
Latest ChatGPT-4o model
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2 chatbots
2,000 messages/month
10,000,000 data characters
Unlimited URLs, Files, Video
Auto-Sync data sources
Latest ChatGPT-4o model
Integrations: WhatsApp, Instagram, Slack, and more
Webhooks and API access
Basic Support
Individual approach
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Unlimited chatbots
Unlimited messages/month
Unlimited data characters
Unlimited content of any type
Auto-Sync data sources
Latest ChatGPT-4o model
Integrations: WhatsApp, Instagram, Slack, and more
Webhooks and API access
Premium support
Custom Actions (Function Calling)
Advanced AI analytics
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Explore Maze together, for free lifetime.
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3 active projects
Up to 10 blocks
Team management
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Explore Maze together, for free lifetime.
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3 active projects
Up to 10 blocks
Team management
API integrations
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Explore Maze together, for free lifetime.
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3 active projects
Up to 10 blocks
Team management
API integrations
Password protection
CSV export
Need more messages or chatbots? Scale your plan automatically with add-ons: $10 per extra 1000 messages per month, $10 per extra chatbot per month, or remove the 'Powered by Ordemio' branding for $49 per month.

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What people are saying
Stefan Frot
Managing Director
“A true gamechanger. Since partnering with Ordemio, we've been able to assist our clients and students more efficiently. Our bot is trained using various resources, including our Notion page, where all client and student information is centralized. If there's an issue with the bot, we update the article and retrain it accordingly.”
Nick Chen
“I'm highly impressed with the functionality so far. The interface is clean and well-organized, and the widget looks polished. The results from our testing have been outstanding.

I love that it can integrate various sources. We've successfully trained the bot using our documentation, tutorials, and community posts. Super cool. The Ordemio team is very responsive to feedback and collaborated with us to create a custom plan that meets our current needs.”
Jason Crutzen
“Ordemio has enabled us to provide real-time answers to our customers' questions, drawing from our comprehensive portfolio of insurance content. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Furthermore, we've developed internal chatbots that help our team members access essential best practices and knowledge bases. Ordemio has proven to be an excellent partner!”
Rebeca Smith
Head of Customer Support
“I've experimented with numerous tools to aid my customer support team, but none delivered the desired results. However, incorporating ChatGPT for message generation has elevated our customer support to an entirely new level!”

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