Empower GPTs and AI assistants with your data

Ordemio is a knowledge storage for LLMs. It retrieves the most relevant information from multiple data sources, ensuring that the AI agents respond with the most up-to-date knowledge.

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Knowledge management for GPTs and AI-assistants

Don't waste your time with Google spreadsheets, Notion templates, or Airtable. Ordemio is specifically designed for collecting and managing contacts most effortlessly.

Augment LLM with your knowledge

Ordemio finds the most relevant information and documents across all your knowledge with an innovative best in class hybrid search to provide a correct and detailed context.
Runs both keyword and semantic searches.
Reranks search results to pick the most relevant content.
Rewrites user queries to optimize them for search.
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Who and how can use RelApp

Entrepreneurs and professionals

Don't miss useful contacts; have at hand lists professional fellowships, partners, employees, investors, contractors, or clients. Keep in touch with right people at the right time.

Networkers and public persons

Build and manage your network. Develop strong relationships, and realize the full potential of your network. Never forget how you met a person and keep a track of your communication.

Creators and bloggers

Convert your social capital into a valuable asset. Manage your network of collaborators, peers, and followers in a few clicks.
hoW TO use ordemio

Build custom AI Agents that perform over your data

Create custom GPTs with your knowledge
Use Ordemio as a knowledge storage for retrieving data and content from outside ChatGPT model.

Manage your ChatGPT Assistant Vector store
Automate the tedious tasks of adding, updating, and removing data from built-in vector store for your ChatGPT  Assistant. Forget about manual file management.

Ready-Made RAG Solution for custom AI agent
Let us manage the complexities of the RAG (retrieval augment generation) system, so you can focus on the benefits. Our fully managed SaaS solution offers a worry-free experience, streamlined while delivering top performance with no effort.

Secure AI knowledge storage for Enterprise

Personalize your emails based on contact information. Send emails that actually get read, and don't just get lost in inboxes.

Data Encryption

All your data secured using AES-256 encryption protocol at rest and in transit (TLS 1.3.).

On-Premise Deployment

Ordemio can be self-hosted on your own servers or VPC, giving you complete control over your data.

Dedicated Infrastructure

AI models run with the highest levels of privacy and security with Azure OpenAI and AWS Bedrock.

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Everything you need out of RelApp

Automated Marketing

Send out emails at scheduled times, automatically.

Mobile friendly emails

Get access to all mobile messaging channels in one place.

Affordable pricing

Only pay for the emails you send, get unlimited subscribers on all plans.

Simple pricing for your needs

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Up to 30 contacts

Unlimited Groups & Tags

Unlimited Notes & Reminders

Keep-in-touch circles

Browser Extention and Chatbots

Mobile & Desktop apps


Per year

Unlimited contacts

Unlimited Groups & Tags

Unlimited Notes & Reminders

Keep-in-touch circles

Browser Extention and Chatbots

Mobile & Desktop apps

Email & Calendar Integrations

Contact Sync

Priority Support

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Two datasources
Manual data update
Up to 10 documents
Up to 100 MB of vector-storage
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Unlimited datasources
Automatic data update
Unlimited documents
$0.10 / GB of vector-storage per day
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Email and Chat support
Individual approach
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Unlimited datasources
Automatic data update
Unlimited documents
Custom storage size
Custom number of requests
Custom features
Dedicated infrastructure
On-prem or VPC deployment
Premium support

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An all-in-one email marketing platform.

Build strong online communities with advanced marketing tools. Get access to relevant audience data, and accurate reports on performance metrics.
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No credit checks or founder guarantee.
Bring in external data automations.
Send automated activation emails
Sort through contacts based on content preferences.
No coding required
Enable two-factor authentication emails

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